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Haley Cummings, we put that name to the test today...
Most women have no idea how to process orgasm overload.  That is when you make the body cum so hard and often in a short time that it can actually short circuit the brain.  This can only be accomplished when the person is bound, and truly helpless.  If they can get free, they will, and if they can stop you, they will.  Only in total TRUE helplessness can you do this to somebody. If you want to see the total sexual destruction of a 19yr as she is blown to the edge of sanity (and who doesn't) then do not miss this amazing Christmas Miracle..Platinum Blonde Ella Nova is in the house again. Beautiful face and nailing figure, this marvelous submissive is here to have fun rough. Even if Ella's face is contorted in agony we all know exactly what she wants and why she is here. is all about raunchy strap restrain bondage and strong obliged climaxes. No one comes here looking for anything else. We give them the greatest time of their lives and they know it.India Summer lives out her fantasy in this hot BDSM movie with James Deen.
Mighty BDSMBashful 19 y.o. cutie’s hardcore acrobatic workoutSlave gives a squirting orgasm
He told me he was a photographer. He said he just wanted to take a couple pictures of my ass. It is my best feature. I thought for a moment that it might be cool, but something about the way he touched me without asking. Something about how he moaned.
Home BDSMHog bound then collared, this slut is now a gimpfree hentai bondage sex
Nicki enjoys to think of herself as a performer so we gave her the opportunity to strut her stuff for the members. She is going to put on a showcase.Huge tits brunette in restrain bondage
Season Six Match

The Grinder
HT: Five'Five
WT: 133lbs
Season record (0-0) 
Lifetime record (0-0)

The Wildcat
HT: Five'Six
WT: 135lbs
Season record (0-0) 
Lifetime record (0-0)

Two fresh wrestlers debut on Ultimate Surrender this week. Both gorgeous, both decided to win and both ready to lay it on the line. 
Coffee Dark-skinned is fresh to organized wrestling. She has some first-timer grappling practice and a good struggling attitude. 
Yana Jordan comes with a pile of wrestling practice and looks to leap into the upper rankings. Will she be our next

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Delirious Hunter doesn't have fun coy about the things she likes and she is proud of how supreme she is at them. She's nimble in the hottest of ways, and her favorite things include being distorted into the most astounding postures and shoveled to her limits. This wondrous  blond has 4 words for us when we as her if she's prepared to get tied up. “Fuck yeah, let's go!” That's what we like to hear.Hardcore BDSMPD loves teaching new girls



	Failed at running the stairs
	Loss of Balance trigers Fear
	Bondage Masks trigger Dread
	Fear is intensity
	Sub Dance - 4 postures into one maneuverability
	Juggling, pace, tease
	Earned sofa (but did not GET it) 
	5 - 15 orgasms by her own hand
	'Earnest' beats a cord with her
	BREAKTHROUGH in self identity / sexuality

MOTIFS:  Buckets, Stairs, Duty


	outside right thigh - press for filthy chat, from day one
	gagging -associate raw vag, masturbation, ejaculation 

Postures / PROTOCOL Caked

	Attention, eyes ahead, forearms in cell
	Getting Down On All Fours, palms clasped behind head
	Present ass standing and getting on all fours
	New - back bend present fuckbox

Desperately SEARCHING for that RITE OF PASSAGE
Begin to instill sense of DUTY, a energy from the heart that drives her

'I really want to work on bringing out my internal subordinated.'
'I constantly daydream about rough, strict, and demanding teaching.'
'?but, I perceive if afterward, if there isn't some type of softness or reward, it breaks my heart.'

Her cravings, triggers and orgasms revolve around consent and permission
She is likely a sadomasochist / gusto superslut - is she an attention bi-atch as well?

Plain Commands
'I have the roughest time following the simplest command...if I'm told to undress, it's almost as if I physically can't do it.'

'I want to learn to find pleasure in service and chores'

'I can't jack in front of others'
'I can remember... begging for forgiveness...'


HOMEWORK REVIEW:  list the Domination & Submission organizations and events over the next 3 mos in her area
Show THE PROPERTY to Aiden Starr and ask her help in refining the charge.
Order her to fap herself for our amusement
Tear Up her pussy with a massive rubber pipe while Aiden uses her face to get off
Offer the prize of Aiden's Knuckle in her snatch

Drill  DUTY - embed the concept - core principle
'def: Something that one is required to do by moral or 18 obligation, an activity or expression of respect'
'True to self'
'Duty to Seek Learn and Investigate'

Shag THE RULES - Request sort, concise answers, military fashion
WHAT ARE YOUR Instructing GOALS?  Eroticize service thru errands,  Initiate intercourse,  Comply Ordinary Instructions,  Humility
WHAT IS RULE NUMBER 1? Manage eye-line
RULE 2? Do not anticipate actions
RULE 3? Address Trainer as Trainer
RULE 4? No furniture
RULE 5? No onanism
WHAT IS YOUR DUTY?  'Embrace subjugated nature and suffer gorgeously in the unleash of manage.
WHAT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY? 'To pass on what I learn in order to cultivate the leather culture.'

Another newbie this week and another keeper as far as I'm concerned.  Gretchen has a very upbeat attitude, a willingness to try anything and a determination to tough out everything she agreed to.  You have to love that in a beautiful bondage beginner.  Her elbows go together easily too! She demonstrates that quite well in the very tight electrical tape tie in scene 4.  Thanks Gretchen, you were great!
Bondage Avenue
Retro BDSMMadison and I toyed a bit harder this time than in the past.  She truly is a slut of many kinds. A restrain bondage superslut, ache bitch and orgasm slut. And we love her for it! So I bound her firmer, cropped her tighter and let her ejaculation less.   Interesting interactions in the tank shoot this time.  Communication lapse? Or fearplay?  You decide.
In this fantasy role have fun update, Alysa plays an virginal tourist who is gripped by the government and accused of being a Russian spy.  2 sex crazed officers, Mark Davis and Mick Blue, attempt to get information out of her through hard sexual punishment.  Alysa's covert sexual desires are explored in rapture as she is ferociously porked in every fuck hole while in bondage.  This shoot has supreme interaction with heavy anal romp and restrain bondage!Gorgeous nubile Emily Austin learns to beg at the hands of Slave Trainer Tommy Pistol. Emily is bound, pussy pounded, throat fucked, clipped, gagged, humiliated, vibrated and made to submit to the harsh slave training techniques of Training of O delivers the hottest and newest talent in the business getting tied up and and fucked in the sexiest slave training scenarios on the Internet.Medical Gag
Hardcore BDSMAsian Rough Bondage

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Alia Janine and her innate 34FF monster boobage is back.  We love hot Cougar's all stretched out and helpless, don't you?
The game is ordinary, we whip you until you say Dragonlily is back and we have her in a good original custom-made bondage instrument. Not many people arch like that so we have The Dragon opened up and vulnerable. 
Firm sole cropping, cootchie whipping, nipple torture. Just a few of the torments DragonLily suffers until we let her come. Tho when we make her spunk, we don't stop. We just don't stop, we make her cum until she is gone. Subspace. Then we make her jizz more, we make her jism over and over until it looks like she is nearly unconscious, then we make her jism more. It was ferocious, she couldn't converse, she couldn't see, she checked out, and it took a while for her to come back. We enjoy the women that can go this far, we really do.Beauties In BondageA jaw-dropping, huge-breasted blond like Rain DeGrey can be seen in every town in America, so what makes her off the hook? Well, she is one of the most strong restrain bondage lovers ever. Whips, canes, clothes pinches, clips, and whatever else; Rain enjoys it all. Sure, she sobs a bit when we put dozens of clothes pins all over her face, but when she is in that kind of agony she is one step closer to cumming.
public bondage
One of our beloved things about running SexuallyBroken is that we can bring in the finest local talent. Take a look at Cent Barber. She's a smoking scorching Milf with the one of the hottest bodies we've ever laid our forearms on and nips that are still unloading fresh milk. She enjoys to run her gullet and when we don't want to hear her chatting anymore we shut her up with spunk-pump and get to work.bondage sexSkirts up knickers down flagellating for two college pretty school girls - real tearsSpanking ExperiencePunish Her

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